So, being back home means that I have been reading a lot of Deon Meyer (and being scared to death afterward), catching up on Sarie magazine, watching Friends and having few photo opportunities.  Or let me put it this way, few opportunities where I get to take pictures of people.


I saw an article in Pix magazine a few months ago about whatever they call this thing I did below (lemme know if you know?)  I borrowed that particular edition from a friend, so Ican’t check it up.  The setup is pretty cool and very easy.  You take white material, stretch it over an openening.  Then you shine light on objects thorugh the material.  You can then mix and match colours by putting cellophane over the white material.  Ok whatever, if this doens’t make sense, send me a mail and I’ll explain it more eloquently and send you a picture or something 🙂