It has been a while since I’ve blogged. Life has been crazy after coming back from Scotland. I’ll try and post some of the shoots I’ve done in the past few months in the next few weeks.

In the meantime – I received some internet loving from the very talented Kristia from Wordsmyth.  Wordsmyth is a company that “provides writing and editing skills to the corporate” people out there.  Pretty cool.   Kristia did a Women’s Day Tribute to the women bloggers that she likes and wrote the following about this blog

Nielen Bottomley’s photographs are like antidepressants. She has a way of extracting pure happiness from the light around her subjects and injecting it into my brain through my eyes. Painlessly. There’s something about her photographs that make me want to walk on wet grass with bare feet, drink homemade ginger beer, run in the rain, row a boat, kiss a boy and jump into a river with all my clothes on, all at the same time.

I should get more writers to write some nice things about the stuff I do. 🙂  Thank you Kristia

*As a picture lover I’m not a fan of blog posts without pictures.  Here’s one I took on the train on the way to ‘work’.