A year ago I begged a friend of my mother’s to take pictures of her children. At that stage she was the only person I knew with children under 10. Hang on. She’s still basically the only person I know with children under the age of 10.  Those pictures can be viewed here.

Last year was scary as hell. The last time I was with children before that was when I was that age. I was so scared Nardo would fall and break something irreplaceable.

Well, this year we did a re-shoot and this time Lize-Kate was old enough to join us. This time, I also basked in the delusional feeling that I can look after kids. I’ve au paired! I have it waxed. Baha. I must admit, that the children’s mother was sitting 10 meters away the whole time.

The shoot was fantastic. Nardo actually remembered some of the spots from last year and he has grown into such a lens-lover! I got my month’s exercise by trying to get a picture of Lize-Kate smiling. At times she was also dressed as a bee which officially made her the sweetest subject I’ve ever taken pictures of. Awesome times.