It’s becoming increasingly difficult to figure out on what internet platform to post what pictures. From now on all Germinate pictures will go on the Germinate website and all other pictures + Germinate will go on this site and on the Facebook page. Still, there will probably be less pictures of Germinate events on this site, seeing as Germinate has a great option where you can view like a gazillion pictures at once.   Even I’m confused now. Hahahahaha. Sjo. Intense.

This is a shoot I did for Germinate Photography.

This post is well overdue. Carl, Vanessa and I went for a wonderful engagement shoot in Greyton.
Greyton is a small, beautiful town situated about 2.5 hours from Cape Town. We had so much fun seeing all the secret spots in Greyton and Carl caught a fish in front of my eyes! I’m one step away from being a nature-person 😉
Carl and Vanessa are beautiful together and love each so much.Guys, you’re fantastic. Can’t wait for the wedding.