I’ve never been very good at writing about myself.  I can write about you if you want me to, but me…I don’t know.  Everything just looks vain and arrogant, so here are the facts:

I come from Lichtenburg (a small town in the middle of the North West Province in South Africa).  I completed a BComm degree (with main subjects being Economics and Marketing) at Stellenbosch University.  I ended up doing a Post Graduate Teaching Certificate (PGCE) after that and am now going to teach the masses at Bernadino Heights in Kraaifontein.

See, it sounds like a CV

I’m addicted to Coke Light and Snow Patrol and one day I’m going to travel the world.  I believe in hope and I don’t even care if that sounds corny.

And that’s me.

If you want to chat or get me to take pictures, you can contact me at: